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Jordan Luff Raw, thrashy punk rock that unapologetically shreds it's way through your eardrums at breakneck speeds. From Atlanta. Favorite track: Battery.
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7" Version of "FEAST" available now via No Breaks Records - Your choice of Blue vinyl with Blue on White hand screen printed sleeve, or White vinyl with Black on white hand screen printed sleeve: www.nobreaksrecords.com/no-breaks-releases

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Feast is the debut EP from Atlanta, GA’s Burners. Featuring ex and current members of Campaign, Jena Berlin, Bodyfather, Benard, Mose Giganticus and way, WAY too many others, Burners maintain an independence from the members previous bands, while still referencing the aggression and defined style that make up their past personal musical discographies. Recorded in 9 hours on June 2nd, 2012 by Kevin Sellors, Feast blazes through 6 songs in just under 15 minutes, never relenting in tempo or fervor. Recommended for fans of Propagandhi, Title Fight, Glass and Ashes, and Slayer.


released February 12, 2013

“Feast” was recorded on June 2nd, 2012 by Kevin Sellors at American Revolution Recordings. Nathan Streeper plays guitar and does most of the vocals, Zachery Hobbs plays bass and does some vocals, Alan Hamilton plays drums. Mixed by Kevin Sellors during the first half of June, 2012 and Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff mastering in July 2012.



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Track Name: Feast
Sorry Guys, my appetite eclipses my will and I can’t escape my hunger for more, more, more, more. I will retreat back into my cave, watch the time pass, and I’ll drift away back into the middle realm of awake asleep energy. And that’s right about where we are. Near the cemetery wall. That’s exactly where I am: To indulge the feast. Twenty minutes in the bathroom. Ten more minutes and now I’m scratching. I’ve found out exactly where I’ll be...give myself over to The Feast.
Track Name: The Act of Seeing With One's Own Eyes
This is working, but people like different things. Let’s go out and play as fast as we can. But hey wait, man, we could send it downstream. Blow it up and watch it float away Is it perfect? No. Is it real? Yes. Is it working? Yes. I can promise it won’t. I guess it’s pitiful by now that we can’t even play a gig. But when they’re into it? You can’t fuck with it. Our singers “lost his voice” and it has all became a game. I guess you see it, you wanted the truth. Now things go downhill and I can’t even pick it up, I guess you see it, you wanted a sample. Well here’s your prize, come pick it up. So this is goodbye to all the things that I have done. No longer guilty, there is a tomorrow. Well here’s your prize, come pick it up. And I know I promised I would always be there, but then I realized I just don’t care.
Track Name: #DIY
Think for yourself, like what you like...or not if you want, who fucking cares? As long you’re happy. Who are we to tell you how to think for yourself? Like what you like? Or not if you want...Who fucking cares. I guess it speaks to our minds that people like different things. Some like the formula, and others like the meaning. So we start with the verse, and then we’ll find that the chorus comes next - Only two times. Now we’re back to the verse, unless a pre-chorus was first. Emotion goes back inside. Devotion to your craft is high. Second verse, guess what we’ll find? Now the chorus comes next, four to eight times. Now we’re on to the solo, or maybe bridge, chorus and outro. Was it your decision to no longer fight and suck all the soul out of your music when you decide to wear a uniform? And now it’s just another fest song, you know. Complete with Whoa-oh-oh’s
Track Name: Problem Solverd
Even though you didn’t visit everyday, you grow up and learn to read eventually. Look around and see them stare accusingly. They know you don’t know too little. Are they afraid that you have found a better way? Are they scared that without them you’ll just go crazy? You are alone but they think there are more like you. If they’re pretending what happens if I do too? Now I’m walking through walls. Gotta re-grow my claws. Chaos is my sole friend. Do I meet your demands? They can say they’re remembering, let’s give them stories to tell their children at night. Eleven dimensions, or pathways back home. We’re going down into the earth, back home. Down until you see the twisted bowels of your putrid mother earth. She is a whore who will one day rain destructive fire down unto every living thing. This is the end
Track Name: Blackened
I’ll be goddamned if I let this storm pass so easily. I’ll be goddamned if I let this go. There’s nothing but bad blood running through these veins, and reminders on my fists of everything that you took away. And I don’t give a fuck what you meant back then; Best intentions will not raise the dead. And I don’t fucking care if hate consumes me. This cold blood is all I have to put me to ease. And it’s so goddamn disgusting that the guilty keep walking free, that you poisoned these memories.
Track Name: Battery
You forgot to go, I forgot the time. Everybody knows life is patient so try to grow up. I’ve spent this whole chapter waiting for light to come through and just dry up your problems so we can move on. You’ve spent your whole lifetime waiting for a god to shine through and just give you a checklist of what you should do. Let’s sink the boat right now...It’s only getting worse. Let’s sink the boat right now. You set me up to watch you fall. You set me up to watch you drown. You set me up to watch you die, and damn me, I just sorta laugh to myself when I hear all of this.